Satin Hands Fundraiser

Each Satin Hands Pampering Set will help raise money for the Bertram’s associated costs with

Our goal is to raise $1,500 by June 15th.

These make great year-end Teachers gifts, Graduation gifts, Father’s Day, Birthday, get ready
for summer gifts, really it’s a great gift for anything. Your choice of Fragrance Free or Peach
Scented. The set includes a hand softener, hand scrub and a hand cream with 24-hour moisturization.
Both sets come in a giftable, reusable bag!

There are two ways to order.......

1.   Order from the Bertrams
e-mail us:  You can pay with cash, check, or use our PayPal site (right side-bar).

2. Order directly from Mary Kay Representaitive, Breanna Jensen (Casey and Lacey's sister-in-law)

The price of each Set is $34.00 with $15.00 going to the Bertram Adoption Fund.

For Teacher/Graduation gifts please order by May 21st for delivery by May 30th.