Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So MUCH to share....haven't posted for awhile. Our last family post in March was rather doom and gloom as the transition to life in a family of six was really hard. Things are still hard....but the good days are now great days and the bad days are much fewer and farther in-between...Thank the Lord for these exciting changes! Well to catch you up we had a Shower for Mamush at Church, A Welcome home party at JumpinJacks, Dr. Seuss' Birthday, St.Patrick's Day, Birthday, Birthday, and last but certainly not least...Easter. Our kids are learning so much about what it means to have a risen Lord, and the questions from Mamush are frequent and usually pretty deep. He just wants to know how it (Christianity) all works now! A few Photos from all of the excitement the past few months.
A Fabulous shower at Church...We are blessed with a church family who Loves and Supports Us!

Mamush and a buddy from School at Jumpin Jacks

No Caption Necessary

Elli is 10! Wow!

Try explaining this Holiday to an Ethiopian

Little Dan is 5....or as he puts it, "A Whole Hand."

Bell Ringers

Daniel is over the photo session! Mamush is wondering what he's gotten himself into with this crazy family.

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